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Conscious and Deliberate Manifestation Course for Women

  • Are you a woman who has overcome abusive or toxic relationships with someone else or with yourself?
  • Are you ready to step into your power, own your greatness, and make a lasting positive impact in the world around you?
  • Are you spiritually-attuned and aware?
  • Are you (re)building your life, your identity, and your finances after having been crushed by experiences that seemed too difficult and too heavy?

Go BEYOND the law of attraction (which is only one of the 12 universal eternal laws) to an immersive journey of RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE and CONSCIOUS AND DELIBERATE REALITY CREATION as a FORCE FOR GLOBAL CHANGE.

In this advanced manifestation course for women who have prevailed over toxic and abusive relationships, you'll immerse yourself in a deep healing and transformation journey that will nudge and lead you to UNLEASH YOUR RADIANT POWER and tap into your manifestation superpower, if you so choose to give yourself time, energy, and money to implement the most radical transformation you've ever experienced.

  • Level: Advanced Masterclass
  • Duration:  20 hours of material + the time that you will invest in yourself to integrate the notions and concepts you will be learning in this course.
  • Video Time: 12 hours
  • Author: Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

Module 1

Rebirth of the Radiant Self

Module 2

Activating Your Manifestation Mastery

Module 3

Designing Your Highest Potential Reality

Module 4

Becoming an Energetic Masterpiece

Module 5

Quantum Leaps and Rapid Results

Module 6

The Radiant Woman's Impact Legacy

Content of this advanced manifestation class

Module 1: Rebirth of the Radiant Self

  • Releasing toxic patterns and reclaiming your power
  • Reprogramming limiting beliefs for unstoppable self-worth
  • Embodying your authentic, radiant essence

Module 2: Activating Your Manifestation Mastery

  • Demystifying manifestation: Integrating neuroscience and quantum physics principles
  • The conscious creation cycle: a step-by-step proven timeless system
  • Aligning subconscious, energetic, and conscious levels exceptional results

Module 3: Designing Your Highest Potential Reality

Clarifying your world-impacting vision and legacy
Unleashing your zone of genius and soul-aligned business
Manifesting financial abundance and lifestyle freedom

Module 4: Becoming an Energetic Masterpiece

  • Energy mastery: emotions, vibrations, and frequency alignment
  • Embodiment practices: breathwork, movement, visualization
  • Activating your energetic blueprint for your desired outcome

Module 5: Quantum Leaps and Rapid Results

  • Overcoming resistance and subconscious blocks
  • Creating a life steeped in synchronicity and flow
  • Accelerating results through focused intention and inspired action

Module 6: The Radiant Woman's Impact Legacy

  • Amplifying your voice and leading a global movement
  • Shining your light as a beacon for other women rising
  • Leaving an indelible, world-changing imprint


  • Private community for support and accountability
  • Live monthly group coaching and energetic activations
  • Guided meditations and embodiment practices
  • 5-day virtual and/or in-person retreat to integrate the teachings, as a group of enlightened and spiritually awaken women who are tapping into our divine feminine together
Your Instructor

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff 

Highly-Educated, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Multiple Show Host, Advocate Against Domestic Abuse, Transformational Life Specialist

Gemma is a highly educated and accomplished woman entrepreneur who has been nominated for many awards for her work and has won the Woman of Entrepreneurship award so far.

She founded in 2022 the popular podcast "Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse," with more than 1.7 million downloads in May 2024, where she provides a safe and supportive space for strong, powerful, and visionary women who have prevailed over abuse, to share their experiences to empower and inspire the audience, showing them by their own life experience that there is light on the other side of the tunnel, and that there is life beyond abusive and toxic relationships.

She co-founded with Sascha Gorokhoff, her husband and business partner, and hosts "UPLIFT! Inspiring Stories to Uplift the World" with more than 250,000 downloads in May 2024. This show is about uplifting and inspiring the audience, with amazing stories of courage and resilience, for a wide audience that can include children as well.

Gemma received her education from some of the top universities in the world, including IMD, MIT, NYU, Kellogg Northwestern University, and Chicago Booth, in various business and organizational behavior fields, such as high-performance leadership, entrepreneurial negotiations, Inner MBA for organizational change management, professional certificate in sales and in digital marketing, and behavioral economics.

She is passionate about empowering women and promoting healthy and safe relationships with themselves and with others, helping them heal their trauma and build their businesses so that they can monetize their acquired skills, knowledge, and discipline to make the world a better place.
Gemma is a dynamic and inspiring leader who is committed to making her work a force for good.
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