Join the Global Network of Success, GNS Academy

GNS Academy is a beacon of light and hope for those seeking to elevate their personal and professional lives emotionally, mentally, and financially.

Founded in 2024 by Sascha and Gemma Gorokhoff, GNS Academy stands as a testament to the power of transformation through dedicated learning and mentorship.

With decades of combined experience in guiding individuals towards self-mastery, financial prosperity, and impactful leadership, Sascha and Gemma embody the spirit of empowerment and growth. 

Their mission is to offer a tailored journey of development, leveraging cutting-edge resources, personalized mentorship, and a global network of conscious leaders.

Transformative Leadership: The Power Couple Behind GNS Academy

GNS Academy is not just another educational platform; it is a beacon of hope and transformation, uniquely pioneered by Gemma and Sascha Gorokhoff. Their personal journeys of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges set the foundation for an academy that is deeply rooted in real-world resilience and triumph.

Gemma Gorokhoff's life is a testament to the power of self-mastery and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Having overcome 15 years of domestic violence, she embarked on a healing and transformation journey that began at the age of 35 when she met Sascha for the first time. Now, at 45, she has not only mastered the art of resilience but has also accumulated three decades of wisdom in navigating life's tumultuous waters. Her experiences have equipped her with unparalleled insights into personal development, quantum physics, manifestation, eternal universal laws, making her an embodiment of strength and empowerment whom you want to follow in her footsteps.

Sascha Gorokhoff's story is equally inspiring if not more. Born with spina-bifida myelo-meningocele (= an open back that was closed at birth during his first and only surgery), he defied every limit the medical community placed upon him such as "age span: 7 years old", "mentally challenged", and "paralyzed from the waist down".

His profound study into the mental complexities of his mother's conditions, including but not limited to hypochondria, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder, has provided him with deep psychological insights and an unwavering determination to succeed against all odds and to decode the instability of people with mental health issues.

Together, Gemma and Sascha  are the heart and soul of GNS Academy. Their combined experiences offer a unique blend of wisdom, resilience, and leadership that is rare in the world of personal and professional development. The academy is their way of giving forward the invaluable gifts of self-mastery, prosperity mindset, and leadership.

At GNS Academy, students do more than learning ideas and concepts, they deeply transform into who they truly are and who they choose to become, guided by two extraordinary individuals who have turned their challenges into assets, empowering others to do the same.
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